ChemQuest - your source for responsible chemical solutions and industrial supplies.

Why Choose ChemQuest

ChemQuest is a leading North American supplier of industrial chemicals, custom chemical compounds, and application systems. Our goal, since 1997, is to deliver the best chemical solutions for the application while maintaining a proactive stance on environmental safety. Our bestselling Eco-Quest and ChemQuest chemical products incorporate no heavy metals and demonstrate our commitment to innovative, eco-friendly solutions.


In addition to our comprehensive chemical offerings, our product selection also includes paint booth supplies and equipment, paint guns, filters, weld lines, ovens and washers. With over 100 years of combined experience in broad spectrum chemicals and systems applications, ChemQuest keeps meeting the ever-changing demands of the automotive, military, medical and food processing industries.

Surface Treatment Technology

Company founder David Scharphorn established ChemQuest in 1997 with a vision for excellence in industrial chemicals, application equipment and customer service. Dave has an extensive background in chemical and equipment sales. This background, coupled with management experience in industrial chemicals and applications methods, allowed Dave to assemble a solid team of knowledgeable, dedicated professionals who do much more than just sell chemicals.
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